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Hello !

I'm Nicolas Mercier, entrepreneur & developer

Project management, UX/UI, Web / iOS development & sport

In a nutshell

I'm a french engineering student and an entrepreneur based in Lille (France), currently studying for passing a Master's degree in Web Engineering by 2017 at Ecole Centrale de Lille. Currently taking courses in e-business, project management, web marketing, SEO, financial audit, and of course development. I'm interested in many fields building projects around Web 2.0 !

IT & entrepreneurship fascinate me. Most of my free time is spent working for Capteev project. Mostly on thinking UX/UI, and developing for web using Symfony 3, Bootstrap & MongoDB. Also co-founded Walkin in 2014 and Juggle in 2015 but we finally had to give up on both projects. But it made me even more hungry !

Contact me if there is anything I can do to help you !

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Current activities


Co-founder of Capteev. Teamworking to bring an idea to reality with fantastic teammates is what I appreciate the most being an entrepreneur.


Mainly working on designing the product and developing iOS/Web applications. This is my way to contribute giving life to our projects !


Passing a Master degree in E-Business & Web Engineering at Ecole Centrale de Lille by 2017.

Sport Addict

Used to play soccer when I caught the triathlon virus. My dream is to race an Ironman in 2018 !

Curriculum Vitae

Searching for a 4-month internship starting May 2017
You can download a pdf and more complete version in Portfolio section for details


  • Since 2015 : Co-founder of Capteev. Design & Web Development with PHP (Symfony3) & MongoDB. Understanding and prediction of Instagram user behaviors with Big Data.
  • 2015/16 : Gap year, fulll investment in Juggle & Capteev projects. Project Management, Full-stack development iOS & Web.
  • May - Nov 2015 : Internship, project management for mobile apps at OCITO.
  • Dec 2014 - Jan 2015 : Research project with IRCICA Research Facilities. Development of a sensors network to control temperature. Measures of TMoteSky energy consumption for different procotols.
  • 2014/15 : Junior Entrepreneur, Chief Information Officer at Centrale Lille Projets.
  • 2014/16 : Co-founder of Walkin App. Full-stack iOS development. First experience as entrepreneur.
  • Since 2011 : iOS & Web Developer


  • 2013 - Today : Engineering student at Ecole Centrale de Lille. Graduate school of multi-disciplinary engineering – MSc E-Business & Web Engineering. Web development (PHP, Js, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL) using Symfony, Node.js & Android. SEO project on Google Penguin 4.0. Project management & Web marketing courses.
  • 2011/13 : Classes préparatoires at Collège Stanislas, Paris, France. 2 year advanced undergraduate studies in Maths/Physic/Engineering preparing for the nationwide competitive examinations for entry to the top engineering schools in France.

Technical Skills

  • Symfony 3 PHP framework since 2016
  • Data-science since 2016
  • SEO since 2016
  • UML & BPMN - Mega since 2015
  • Responsive design since 2014
  • PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS and a bit Javascript since 2014
  • iOS Developer since 2011


  • French speaker - native
  • English speaker - TOEIC 890
  • German


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Capteev full stack Web developer Symfony Boostrap
Capteev, digital marketing agency UX/UI, full stack Web & iOS developer
Curriculum vitae Nicolas Mercier engineering student
Curriculum vitae - Nicolas Mercier All this website & more in one page
Centrale Lille Projets engineering student
Centrale Lille Projets - Junior entreprise Chief Information Officer 2014/2015
Instagram sport addict
Instagram - @needfortri Sharing pics of some adventures
Juggle full stack Web developer iOS developer Symfony Boostrap
Juggle, smart wardrobe for mobiles UX/UI, full stack Web & iOS developer
Spoteur iOS developer
Spoteur, tool for engaged Instagramers UX/UI, full stack iOS developer
Strava sport
Strava Training hard but don't know why
Walkinapp iOS developer
Walkin, geolocated news UX/UI, full stack iOS developer

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